Youngstown FR Ground Glove

Size: Large
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Youngstown's FR Ground Glove is designed to provide total hand protection and lasting durability.  Every inch of the glove is lined with 100% Kevlar® fiber by DuPont™, for 360° protection.  This not only offers cut and puncture resistance but it also makes the glove flame resistant and increases the arc rating.  The Kevlar® fiber is directly attached to the leather to ensure there is no "sliding liner" feel or bunching. The palm, fingers, and saddle are all reinforced with a second layer of leather to greatly enhance the durability of the glove.

This glove is also ANSI Z49.1 compliant for welding applications.  It's ideal for a wide range of applications and working environments as it is flame-resistant, heat-resistant, arc-rated, cut-resistant, and puncture-resistant.

WARNING: Youngstown’s Arc Rated gloves do NOT protect against shock or voltage.

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